Our treatments

Whatever your program, ThermaSalina invites you to well-being and relaxation, both feminine and masculine

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Please note that the following treatments :
• do not include entry to the relaxation area
• are not accessible to minors
• must be booked in advance
• are paid if not canceled at least 24 hours in advance

The treatments are practiced from Monday to Satutday from 2:30pm.

Our receptionists can take your wellbeing bookings on +33 (0) - Monday to Friday, 8am to 12pm ans 1.30pm to 6pm.






Jet shower
Invigorating ans stimulating

Spa bath
Individual bath with massage jets

Air-bubble bath
Individual bath with air bubbles

Mud pack
Clay mixed with trace mineral-rich thermal spring water, applied at 50°C, which soothes joint and back pain

Underwater shower
Stimulates the release of toxins



These treatments are performed by qualified physiotherapists

Mobility session in the pool
Exercise in a thermal spring water pool heated to 33°C

Massage under saltwater ramp
Relaxes the muscles and mind

Head massage
Stress relief

Foot massage
Stimulates nerve endings

Lymph node detox
This detox improves blood and lymph node circulation - great results after a few sessions

Squeeze and loft massage
Cellulite treatment - results after a few sessions

Oil massage
Targeted massage of the back and legs

Californian massage
Full body relaxation massage



In a soothing atmosphere, with windows overlooking the green slopes of Fort Saint-André, you can enjoy a range of facial and body treatments for men and women in our Wellbeing rooms, along with Half-day Breaks to complete your relaxation experience.



In harmony with our valuable water resource, which is an exceptional natural heritage, ThermaSalina has decided to work with beauty products made using a nearby botanical heritage, grapes from Burgundy vines.


Anti-aging & Glow Treatment
Scrub + face massage + mask



Divine Burgundy Escape
Combination of manual manipulations and relaxing ball compresses

Stimulating & Energising Treat
scrub, body massage

Anti-aging & Wellbeing Treat
Body massage, wrap

Enchanting Relaxation Treatment
Body massage

Great Vintage Journay
scrub, body massage, wrap




Tailored to your skin type

GlowFor Men Anti-aging


Body massage

Polynesian scrub
With sea salts and white sand

Sugar/Salt scrub
Citrus notes

Body wrap
Slimming, with 3 seaweeds

Scrub, wrap
Maintaining your skin's beauty

Scrub, body massage
For soft, supple skin and full relaxation


* By modeling we mean any external superficial maneuver performed on the skin of the face and the human body for exclusively aesthetic and comfort purposes, to the exclusion of any medical and therapeutic purpose.
This maneuver may be manual, possibly to ensure the penetration of a cosmetic product, or facilitated by a device for aesthetic purposes.